Case Study | Gary Hubbard, O.D.

Gary Hubbard, O.D.

Optometrist Sees Better Results and Customer Service after Switching to Practice Director EHR

After a disappointing experience with his previous EHR software, OfficeMate, Dr. Gary Hubbard decided it was time to switch to a different EHR solution that offered better customer service and features. Dr. Hubbard spent three years searching for new software that would meet his needs, and he ended up choosing Practice Director after extensive research and consideration.

The Challenge: Struggling with an Ineffective EHR Software

“I was already using an EHR, but I was disappointed with it -- that’s the nicest way I can say it. The software was functional, but it had a lot of limitations. I was not really satisfied with the support and the customer service I received. “When you made a call, it took too long for them to respond back to you, and the individual that responded to your call often seemed to be reading off a script. They didn’t seem to have the knowledge of the program that I thought they should have. “I would make suggestions like, ‘If you guys would do this, it would flow a little bit better,’ and they would say, ‘Well, write that up and send that in; if we have enough people request that we will think about changing the program.’That’s not very good service in my opinion. If you’ve got that many people complaining about it, why wouldn’t it be a priority? “Another thing we disliked was that the fees for the support kept going up and up. If you added anything new to the system, they ‘nickeled-and-dimed’ you to death.”

The Switch: Learning a New EHR Software

“Initially, I lined up an online demo with Practice Director. I really liked it; I really liked the flexibility, and the economics fit in the budget without any problem. “Within about a week of the switch, I was beginning to catch on. Practice Director is much easier to use than what I was using. Once I got it down, I was very good with it. “In fact, we switched our internet provider awhile back and ended up having some internet difficulties during the process. I had to go back to the paper charts I used before I had anything electronic.What amazed me after doing about 3 or 4 exams was that I was actually quicker with Practice Director than I was with the old paper charts I had been doing for 6 or 7 years prior!”

The Results: Top-Notch Service and a Much Happier Office Staff

“Practice Director is very flexible and easy to use.When there are issues, we simply send an email or make a phone call, and usually we have somebody respond that same day. Most of the problems are taken care of right away.There’s no run-around or ‘we’ll have to get back to you.’ “My office manager handles most of it. She’ll say, 'Oh, this is popping up! I’m going to send our consultant an email.’ Again, in a very short period of time we have an email back saying, ‘We’ll take care of it, not a problem.’ “With Practice Director, they’ve encouraged me to make suggestions, asking me: ‘How would you change things to make it better? What would be a better flow for you?’ I don’t know how many suggestions I have made, but I’ve actually seen that some have already been incorporated in the year that I have been with Practice Director.”

Conclusion: Making the Switch was Worth It

For Dr. Hubbard, Practice Director has been the ideal resolution to many of the frustrations he faced with his former EHR provider.The ease-of-use and the openness to suggestions from customers have made a relationship between Dr. Hubbard’s practice and Practice Director a satisfying, long-term solution.

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