Case Study | Patricia Brown

Trish Brown

Office Manager Experiences Great Ease-of-Use and Customer Support Working with Practice Director EHR

In 2009, Office Manager Patricia Brown knew that Electronic Health Record mandates would soon be imposed, so she initiated a search for an EHR software that would fit with her practice’s needs.

Brown took responsibility for the research, training and implementation of the software. She was looking for ease-of-use, functionality, and strong support. She ended up choosing Practice Director EHR and has found great success with it in her practice.

The Challenge: Finding the Ideal EHR Software to Fit Their Needs

“With the government imposing the mandatory regulation of needing to switch to Electronic Health Records, we decided that we needed to do some research before we continued with the company that we had.We were using RealEyes software and were being pointed toward OfficeMate for EHR. We looked into it and we were not very happy with the user-friendliness of that program, so I started researching and finding other programs that were out there. That is when I came across Practice Director.

“We made a call, sent out a request to have a consult with somebody, and the first response that we got was very personal and very caring.They wanted to know what our needs were; they asked about our staff, the type of demographic that we saw, and how many patients we saw on a daily basis.

“They really cared about who we were and meeting our needs.That immediately told us that this was a company we needed to work with. The price was definitely another factor--we weren’t really thrilled with other companies out there that didn’t give you the updates automatically, or that you had to special request for something to be sent to you. With Practice Director, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars a year for updates on everything.”

The Switch: Learning a New EHR Software

“We had employees who were not exactly computer-savvy, and we had been so used to using paper for 27 years. It was quite a concern to take everyone from writing everything down and throwing it in a folder to having to manually sit down and enter everything in. It had become very easy to do everything shorthand, so obviously the fear of something new was very scary. However, with the demos that Practice Director took us through, we brought our staff in.The staff quickly saw how user-friendly it was.When we watched demos with other companies their comments were ‘wow, that’s a little complicated; I don’t know if I can do that.’

“When we watched the demo for Practice Director, they took the time to go through every single aspect with us. They promised us that they would be there every step of the way, and any time that we needed support they would be available.That has proved to be true, so they eliminated that fear.”

The Results: Increased Efficiency, Helpful Reports and First-Class Service

“We have cut the amount of time that it takes to process each patient down to an average of 5 minutes from the time that they walk into the door until they’re ready to go into an exam room. We’re able to give greater detail on each patient so we can take better care of our patients. “Practice Director helps remind us of what we need to know about our individual patients. We’re able to link referral methods easily and track what we’re doing right and how to better care for the patient. It’s created a greater efficiency on the doctor’s side, and we’ve been able to add one extra exam per hour, because we cut off an extra 20 minutes per hour on the amount of time we were spending with patients. We’ve gone from seeing 12 patients a day to now seeing 19 patients a day, which is obviously an increase in revenue.

“The reports that we’re able to pull from Practice Director are great! I don’t have to create spreadsheets anymore! I don’t have to keep copies and tally all kinds of things. I can click a report and it automatically shows me exactly how many pairs of progressive contact lenses we sold today or how many refractions we did. I can pull any report at any given time at the touch of a finger.

“The staff of Practice Director, from the management and leadership all the way down, has a mind set of openmindedness. Obviously you can’t run a business without that. They are open to hearing things that would help make our lives easier--they truly care about making things work better. Even though they’re not seeing our patients, it’s as though they care as much about our patients as we do. If it matters to us, then it matters to the people at Practice Director.


“With Practice Director, every time anything comes up, they update the system and you don’t even have to know about it. Most of the time, you won’t even notice. It will be something like an icon wasn’t large enough, so they weren’t satisfied with it and wanted to do something better. They’re constantly looking for ways to make the doctors’ and the staff’s lives easier, and they’re constantly updating and making things even more efficient.

“We feel blessed and lucky to have this relationship with Practice Director.We almost feel like we’re beta testers in a way. We’re using this on a daily basis, and we’re giving feedback that somebody cares about on the other end. They’re trying to help bring our suggestions to fruition, whereas with other companies you tell them how it is and they say,‘Well sorry, this is the program. We can’t do anything for you.’ With Practice Director, they hear and they listen and they care.

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