Electronic Health Records

Comprehensive EHR with Auto-scoring function

Easily Record Your Exam Findings

Practice Director’s EHR provides you with a convenient form to efficiently record pertinent facts, findings, and observations about an individual’s health history including their past and present illnesses, examinations, tests, treatments and outcomes. Drop-down menus and additional fields help you quickly complete your data entry.

Easily Customize Your EHR

You can easily customize our EHR to align with your exam workflow. Our entire EHR layout can be ordered to follow your normal exam process. Each doctor in your clinic can customize his or her EHR layout.


Fast and easy e-Prescribing for better patient care.

Our e-Prescribing solution is a fast and easy way to send prescriptions electronically to both electronically-capable and non-electronic pharmacies. It also helps you qualify for the government EHR and e-Prescribing incentives. With our e-Prescribing solution, you can provide better patient care and reduce medication errors while securely managing your patients’ medication and allergy lists. You can also access your patients’ drug history and patients’ prescription drug coverage information, helping you save your patients money and time.

Total System Integration

With automatic syncing between Practice Director and the Practice Director eRx Portal, you can:

  • Access your patients allergy, medication, prescription, and diagnosis information in both systems without dual entry.
  • Review the most current allergy, medication, and diagnosis info for your patient without leaving the EHR panel.
  • Quickly write a prescription without manually launching a separate browser window.
  • Write a prescription during a patient visit, even if the exam is not yet complete.
  • Automatically upload your patient list and their demographic information so there is no double-entry.

Our E-Prescribing Benefits

Practice Director is a complete ONC-ATCB certified EHR system for purposes of the $44,000 meaningful use.

  • Meet meaningful use with our qualified e-Prescribing portal service to receive your government incentive payments.
  • Attestation values are automatically calculated, tracked and included in the same report along with the rest of the non-e-prescribing related attestation values.
  • Only one report needs to be generated to retrieve your attestation values.
  • Make sure your Medicare payments do not get negatively adjusted by sending your prescriptions electronically with our qualified e-prescribing system.

More than just writing prescriptions

  • Enjoy automatic integration and information-syncing .
  • Send prescriptions electronically to mail-order pharmacies.
  • Access and import your patients’ drug history.
  • See patient prescription drug coverage formulary information and recommended therapeutic alternatives.
  • Clinical Decision Making Tools
  • Renew prescriptions electronically.
  • Keep Favorite pharmacy and drug lists.
  • Electronically access the complete drug formulary list.
  • Electronically access a comprehensive pharmacy list.


Make dispensary management simple.

With our optical software features, you are able to quickly generate any user-defined spectacle or contact lens order, quote a price, make add-on changes, forward the order to billing and generate lab orders in the dispensary. You can also track the status of dispensary orders and search for any order in the system.

Your frame and contact lens inventory quantities and costs are tracked through the inventory system, which is automatically reduced or increased when inventory is dispensed or purchased.

All final Rx and doctor recommendations from the exam room (EHR) are automatically transferred to the dispensary. When the optician opens the patient record, the Rx is accessible.

More time to educate your patients

The integrated flow of our optical software component provides you with more time to educate your patients and recommend optimum eyewear, lens designs and materials to meet their needs.

Optical features

  • Auto-price frames by category based on user-defined factors.
  • Upload frame inventory using SPEX UPC or bar code scanner.
  • Manage inventories for many locations.
  • Easy search function for frames, lenses or contact lenses.
  • Print bar code labels.
  • Easy-to-create comprehensive dispensary orders.
  • Dispensary order error checking.
  • Automatically populate the dispensary order of patients with most recent Rx.
  • Able to add options and add-ons.
  • Edit previously saved orders.
  • Create PDFs to e-mail or fax lab orders through 3rd party e-mail or fax.

Patient Demographics

Easy Access to your patient’s records.

Our patient demographics feature is completely integrated with our other software features to maximize your practice’s efficiency.

The integration with scheduling and billing provides easy access to a patient’s outstanding balances, future appointments and his or her appointment history. Notes and alerts can be transferred to the patient’s EHR, allowing better doctor and patient communication.

Patient Demographic Features

  • Assign multiple medical and vision insurance plans.
  • Set multiple recall dates and reasons.
  • Create recall letters and postcards.
  • Link family members for guarantor payment.
  • Enter insured patients for non-patient insurers.
  • Upload a patient’s photo.
  • View appointment history and future appointments.
  • Document referrals made by physicians or patients.
  • Document a patient’s condition.
  • Family members can view all appointments and balances.
  • Count automated “no show.”


Save valuable time.

Practice Director’s accounting features will save you valuable time managing your billing, payment and reporting functions. Our software supports both accrual and cash-based record keeping, and the accounting features allow you to record and report your full revenue, accounts receivable and your payment accounting cycle.

Total System Integration

All billing components are totally integrated with the EHR features so that procedure and diagnostic codes from the exam room will automatically forward to the billing component. It is integrated with the dispensary component to eliminate duplicate entry and minimize data entry errors.

Full integration with electronic insurance claim processing

Any billable procedure code can be charged to any insurance carrier associated with the patient, and insurance claims are automatically generated when a charge is saved. One patient can be associated with an unlimited number of insurance companies, allowing for flexible insurance billing. Insurance payments can easily be moved to secondary carriers or to the patient’s account.

The billing features support returns, refunds and patient ledgers and facilitate an easy, user-friendly accounting workflow.


  • Accounting and reporting for multiple offices and providers.
  • View, edit and delete line items or invoice/payment levels.
  • Supports both accrual and cash-based reporting for tax purposes.
  • Print revenue and cash reports for any amount of time.
  • User transaction identification.


  • Integration with EMR module prevents duplicate entry.
  • Integration with dispensary module prevents duplicate entry.
  • Supports many insurance companies on one invoice.
  • Automatic CMS1500 creation.
  • Supports write-offs at time of billing.
  • Supports automatic co-pay calculation.

Patient Payments

  • Quickly find a patient’s account.
  • Supports guarantor transfers and payments.
  • Supports office credits.
  • Simplify patient invoice statements.

Insurance Payments

  • Supports information moved to secondary insurance.
  • Supports write-offs.
  • Balances checking to enhance posting accuracy.
  • Offers unlimited EOB patient transactions.
  • Supports lab, interest and incentive adjustments.


Simplify your scheduling process!

Practice Directors scheduling features allow you to create, move and confirm appointments with new or existing patients. You can also establish recalls for the software along with recurring appointments.

Users can easily toggle between schedules of providers and office locations, and scheduling can be established for diagnostic equipment such as a retinal camera.

The scheduling features also provide numerous user-defined templates for your unique scheduling needs.

Scheduling features

  • Quickly establish, change, move, confirm, cancel, and delete appointments.
  • Double- or triple-book appointments.
  • Schedule appointments for non-established patients.
  • Multiple schedule views
  • Flexible user-defined templates.
  • Color-coded appointment reasons and blocks.
  • Navigate appointment dates and times with one click.
  • Integration with the patient demographics and EMR modules.
  • Set recurring appointments.
  • Set recall dates and reasons.
  • Print doctor schedules.
  • Print future appointment report for confirmation calling.

Insurance Claims

File error-free claims more efficiently with our streamlined process!

We help you ensure prompt payment

  1. Practice Director automatically checks for errors at the time of claim generation.
  2. Your experienced, U.S.-based support consultant will help answer any questions.
  3. Regular software updates keep your claims compliant with U.S. Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services.

Additional insurance features

  • Multiple insurance claim filing methods including standard ANSI 837, prints image and paper.
  • Easily manage ready, batched, rejected, closed and deleted claims.
  • View and edit CMS1500 forms.
  • Automatically check for errors and omissions checking.
  • Easy claim search functions.
  • Unlimited batching of multiple payer claims.
  • Excellent, knowledgeable support staff experienced in resolving claim issue errors.
  • Seamless integration with billing and insurance payment (EOB) processing.
  • Automatic generation of CMS1500 claims for secondary insurance roll-overs.

Practice Director automatically generates an electronic CMS1500 form at the time of billing. During the claim batching process, it also checks for errors to ensure completeness and accuracy of the form. You can batch your claims individually, for each and every insurance carrier, or for any time period.

You can also view your claims on screen and edit them before they are filed. All claims are classified as ready, rejected, batched or paid/complete. Practice Director’s easy-to-use search functionality helps you quickly locate any claim, regardless of its classification.