We’ll help you achieve a successful transition!

Whether you’ve been using another software system or a paper-based system, it’s critically important that the transition to your new software is smooth and successful. Our U.S.-based Support Team will make sure your practice has everything you need to use Practice Director efficiently and effectively.

A proven step-by-step process

Getting started with your new software doesn’t have to be overwhelming. To ensure a positive experience and the best results, our support team will guide you through a step-by-step process that will have you confident and ready to go live in a short period of time. We’ll help you with everything from your first kick-off call with your consultant to software installation, training, insurance claims clearing enrollment, equipment linking, data conversion and more.

Link your equipment for added efficiency.

Practice Director support technicians have developed the tools necessary to successfully link your equipment to Practice Director. Practice Director’s EHR supports acquiring habitual, keratometry, objective refraction, subjective refraction and tonometry readings directly from the associated diagnostic systems. Our technicians have successfully linked diagnostic equipment from Topcon, Marco, Nidek, Burton, Reichert, Huvitz, Medmont, Carl Zeiss and others.

We’ll work with you to complete the steps necessary to create the connections between each piece of equipment and a Practice Director work station.

The equipment linking process generally takes about two weeks to complete. Upon completion, data will be uploaded from your equipment into Practice Director automatically so that you no longer need to manually enter the data.

Keeping your data

Practice Director provides data conversion services to convert patient demographic information from your previous or legacy software. A data conversion can save an enormous amount of time entering patients into the Practice Director database. Our technicians have converted data from Compulink, OfficeMate, Eyecom, MaximEyes, E-Z Frame, OPTO, OD Professional, RLI, OMS2000, and many other proprietary software systems.

The process for converting your legacy system patient demographic information is straightforward. In most cases, you will schedule a time with one of our support technicians to help you extract the data from your legacy system. Once they have the data to be converted, they will perform the conversion and load the data onto your server.


Get up and running quickly with our proven training system

Online Training Tutorials

Our primary method for training is our online training tutorials. Accessible at any time, these short tutorials will guide you through the setup and daily use of Practice Director. The videos are separated in modules that cover each portion of our software. Users who complete all of our training tutorials are designated as “Practice Director Certified Users.”

Learn by doing with our Training Database

We will provide you with a training database that allows you to practice and learn by using a full version of Practice Director without affecting your live data. The training database is pre-loaded with dummy data so that you can work through the situations and transactions you will encounter in everyday use of Practice Director.

Experienced, U.S. Based Support Consultants

To assist with the questions that arise as you are learning to use Practice Director, you will be assigned to your own software consultant.

Each of our software consultants have experience working in an eyecare practice in addition to an in-depth understanding of our software. They are happy to train you one-on-one should you need any additional assistance to help ensure an enjoyable learning experience.

Optional on-site training

You can choose to have a doctor who is familiar with implementing Practice Director visit your practice for customized on-site training. They will evaluate your needs and develop a unique training agenda prior to coming onsite. On-site training typically lasts for about a day and a half and works best when the practice is able to set aside the entire time for training

Ongoing Support

Knowledgeable, U.S.-based Support Consultants at your service!

The moment you become a Practice Director client, you will have a U.S-based Senior Support Consultant assigned to your practice. Each consultant has experience working in an eyecare practice and can provide extensive knowledge to help you succeed.

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the support team is backed by over 25 years of Williams Group optometric consulting expertise. The team provides both functional and technical support and will resolve your support needs quickly and efficiently.

Quickly resolve issues with our dedicated team

In addition to answering your questions, your software consultant may connect to a workstation in your office using a secure remote access tool. Whether you’re working in a Windows, Macintosh or Linux environment, our team has the experience and expertise to help you. Your assigned consultant is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time.

Your Practice Director support team also includes a toll-free support line directly to our technicians. Practice Director’s technicians have degrees in information technology and are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time to assist you with your IT needs.

Help is just one click away.

Practice Director comes with an embedded user guide that can be accessed under the help menu with one click. You can easily search the User Guide for help with any topic at any time while working within Practice Director.

Data Migration Services

We can migrate your data.

Replacing your EHR?

It is becoming increasingly common for optometry practices to consider replacing their EHR system for one that will better fit the needs of their practice. You may choose to do so for a number of reasons; your practice may be growing beyond what your current system can handle; your current system may be unable to adapt to your practice’s style and needs; you may find your current EHR system to be inefficient and cumbersome; or you might feel that you are paying too much money for the ongoing updates and support that your current EHR provider is requiring.

Practice Director EHR has been proven to meet the evolving needs of a variety of optometry practices, and we continue to develop our software based on the needs and requests of our clients.

We can migrate your data.

We are now able to migrate EHR and other data from a number of other software systems, including OfficeMate/ExamWRITER. Some of the data we are able to convert includes: exams (single and multiple doctors), patient demographic information, insurance company information, and prescription information. The ability to replace your EHR system with Practice Director EHR while migrating your previous data makes the transition from your current EHR to Practice Director EHR a much smoother and simpler process.

We know taking the steps to replace an EHR is a tough decision, but with the added financial incentives provided to meaningful EHR users, many practices are electing to make the move now. We can even work directly with your practice to convert and load Clinical Data from your existing EHR system.